Hostal Monte Líbano offers a huge variety of tours and activities in Puerto López, and National park of Machalilla.

A deposit of 50%  of the whole price is necessary in order to book on these tours.

Whales watching

From June to September, Humpback whales come in ecuatorian coasts to breed. Mainly located in front of :
• Salinas
• Puerto Lopez
• Súa

According to experts, whales are more numerous off the beaches of Puerto Lopez, a fishing village. So it is a choice spots for whale watching, even if in return, the village is full of tourists during the whale watching season.

Tour Isla de la Plata

In Isla de la Plata, there is a climat, fauna and flora very similar to Galápagos islands where you can watch marin birds such as : blue-footed booby, masqued booby, red-footed booby, Albatross and frigatebirds.

Scuba diving 

This is a real adventure to discover the sea’s depths in the area of Puerto Lopez. This is a unique chance to enjoy a big variety of fishes that National parc of Machalilla can offers.

Rainforest tour

Discover the magic of rainforest of national parc of Machalilla with wonders such as : orchids, exotic birds, butterflies of different colour and the amazing peacefulness of the nature.


Take the advantage of your stay in Puerto Lopez to go fishing. All kind of fishing can be done, from novice to pro, from fishes to shrimps, choose the kind of fishing you would like to learn.

Biking tour

Biking in ecuatorian coast and more precisely on the road of Spondylus. Enjoy incredible exotics landspaces in a stroll trought beaches and mountains of national parc of Machalilla

Surf lessons

Have fun with the waves of Ecuatorian’s beaches and take advantage of this moment to lear how to surf.


Flying on Ecuatorian’s coasts is like flying in the center of the world. Once over the pacific sea, a new aventure is beginning with all the exotic birds.

Spanish school

We teach you to speak Spanish faster than anywhere else. We make learning Spanish easy and fun. Spanish classes, lessons and private Spanish tutoring is taught by your great native Spanish teacher in small class sizes.

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