Machalilla national park

The Machalilla national park is lacated in Manabi county, close to Puerto López on the Pacific coast.

A great variety of flora and fauna

It is extended on 56.184 ha and was created in 1979. The park has a continental part and an ocean part which contains Salango island and “la isla de la Plata” (silver island) and some other small islands.

Today this park is one of the most visited in the country and has a big vafriety of flower and wildlife. If you are lucky you can see deer, howler monkey and miko monkey, squirel, sloth, anteater, paca and a lot of birds as well as reptile.

In the green world you can find a lot of species of trees, cactus, flowers and orchid. the park contain rain forest as well as dry and really dry forest.

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