Puerto Lopez

A fishing village on a circular bay on the Pacific coast

The province of Manabi

Administrative district of Puerto Lopez is a small village on a circular bay of the pacific coast of Equator.
Located on the extreme west-south of the province of Manabi.
Puerto Lopez is 449km2 tall and is headquarters of the National parc of Machalilla with more than 55000 hectares.

Puerto Lopez is located next to National parc of Machalilla where there is an incredible beach.
You can take a boat from this village to go on the isla de la plata (The little Galapagos) or doing tours of whale watching from June to October.
During this period of the year, the huge humpback whales come to breed and this is why this is the perfect spot to meet some.

You can also visit archeological museums of Salango and Agua Blanca.

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